Baton Rouge Real Estate: FREE Cool Timer Desktop App For Scheduling Reminders! – Baton Rouge Real Estate Buzz With FREE Cool Timer Desktop App For Scheduling Reminders!

In this video below, Home Appraiser Bill Cobb shows how he scheduled some immediate reminders with an app that gets his attention and is very quick and easy to use.




Some potential uses for Bill are for scheduling email answers later in the day, calling back a client later in the day, lunch appointments, reminder to update a client on the progress of their appraisal order, etc..


Here’s the developer’s explanation of the software:

“Harmony Hollow Software: Simple, no-nonsense, handy timer utility with a cool, customizable interface. Can be used like an oven timer, alarm clock, or stopwatch. Plays wav, mp3, midi files, or any of several built-in sounds as an alarm. Can optionally display a custom, scrolling, LED-type text message when the alarm sounds to remind you why you set the timer initially. Countdown mode is great for parents or teachers to limit the amount of time kids spend on video games or the computer, or for cooking, excercise, or a quick nap. Use as alarm clock mode to wake you up in the morning or remind you when it is a certain time of day. It even has a snooze feature to let you sleep just a little longer after the alarm sounds. Use stopwatch mode to keep track of how much time spent on a project or anything similar.”

Here’s the download link on

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