Baton Rouge Realtors: Register To Win A Kodak Zi8 HD Video Camera. – Baton Rouge Realtors: Register To Win A Kodak Zi8 HD Video Camera. I received an email yesterday: “Kodak Zi8 HD Camera Review with ChromaKey test and U2 concert sample footage: Dollar-for-dollar, you just can’t beat Kodak’s new “Flip Killer” camera“. Watch the video below for the review of what appears to be an awesome real estate marketing device that plugs into usb and has builtin editing software to add your Realty contact information.

2009-05-flip5What’s the “Big Deal” with the Zi8? According to Mike Koenigs, he says that it’s 4x’s better than the long reining champion FLIP VIDEO (on left) AND has a the builtin External mic jack (mic not included), which really is a big deal in video production. Ever watch a video but can’t hear what the person is saying or the background noise is so loud that it drowns out the voice on the video? Well, an external mic helps solve this problem, especially when video interviewing say, a local expert to appear on your local website! Remember, you’re building your local “Trust Agent” identity!



number-1-blueHow To Register For The Free Drawing To Win A Kodak Zi8 HD Camera?

Go Here: and Follow The Instructions. According to the email I received on 12/8/2009, it reads,

“I’m giving one away to a lucky person in a random drawing. But you have to register to win. I’ll announce a winner next week!” The email was received from [email protected]


To Learn About The Features Of This Camcorder, Click Here!

number-3-blueHow To Get The Best Price? Go Here! I Paid $143.96 For The Black Color Version With FREE SHIPPING Last Night. Retail Price is $179.99 Plus Shipping

kodak checkout

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