Details Released On Baton Rouge Metro Areas First Video Real Estate Listings Website –! – More Details Released About Baton Rouge Metro Areas First Video Real Estate Listings Website –!


realtystudiohdOn September 8th, Buzz delivered to you news about the Metro Areas “First” Video Real Estate Listings Website here: Baton Rouge Real Estate Buzz: Metro Areas First Video Real Estate Listings Website –! At that time, the only details Kevin DeLaune, with RealtyStudioHD, would offer was that the site would be launching in the near future and “ is Baton Rouge’s first local real estate website to incorporate video as an essential component in real estate marketing online!”



The following details below were released from just prior to site launch. This will be a “beta version”. Kevin stated that, ” In the near future, as we continue to grow and receive feedback, there will be many more features added.”

“At launch, some of the site’s key features will be:

  • Free listing insertion ( no charge to submit listings into the search engine )
  • Free video embedding of user created video tours or professional video tours
  • Free unlimited photo uploads
  • Unified FSBO and Agent listing search
  • Advanced single touch search to accommodate new touch-based mobile devices
  • The ability for buyers to “watch” listings for price drops
  • Management of the user’s submitted and “watched” listings will be via a familiar mlooking youtube-esque management system
  • Listing pages will employ automatic google maps based geo-location by listing address
  • Realtors can integrate their twitter accounts for automatic tweets of new listings to their twitter feed
  • Realtors can create an exclusive non-competitive ( no competing realtors or ads ) “Realtor Spotlight” page with full listing search capabilities of the realtor’s active listings”


Baton Rouge Real Estate BuzzBuzz Perspective. From the Buzz perspective, the addition of video listings to the Greater Baton Rouge Real Estate landscape will be greatly welcomed by locals that start their search for their new home online. Instead of getting in the car and driving to a dozen homes on a Saturday with an Agent, now locals will be able to narrow their home purchase focus rather quickly!

And, from what Buzz has heard about this new site, it’s going to be highly intuitive in terms of navigation (ease of use) and is being built by Khris Woodring, a perfectionist that doesn’t want to launch, and has delayed the initial launch, to make sure the site operates perfectly. According to Kevin, there has been months of behind the scenes research into the site design, functionality and testing. This isn’t just going to be another local flash-in-the-pan FSBO site. This is going to be THE state-of-the-art Baton Rouge Home Listings site to be listed on!

A Site Built For Favorable Google Indexing and Search! google smIt won’t take long for this site to gain traction with locals and with Google because Google loves to index “Video” for search, which is one reason why Google owns YouTube! Home listings which include indexable video will receive better attention in the search engines.

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