May 2010 Greater Baton Rouge Housing Video: Numbers Show A Stable Market – May 2010 Baton Rouge Housing Video: Numbers Show A Stable Market

batonrougerealestateupdatemay2010Today is June 9, 2010 and by this time, the solds for May 2010 would have been reported within the local GBRAR MLS related to the $8,000 Tax Credit. The video below was prepared by Tony Zito, with Zito Real Estate Group, and shares the number of pending sales for each month from February 2010 to today on June 8 2010. Tony also shares the sales for each May from 2004 to this past May 2010. Be sure to check out Tony’s Blog @

The questions in my mind are these:

1.) What impact did the $8,000 Tax Credit have on Greater Baton Rouge area home sales in 2010 leading up to the April 30 deadline? In the video below, I think you’ll find that it had a significant impact on local home sales.

2.) Was our market functioning based solely on this government stimulus and will home sales drop off after this stimulus has been removed? The answer to this question and concern will be answered by the market in the coming months.

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